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Residential Surface Protection Film Services South Florida

Discover a new era of sophistication and durability with Protex Home Solutions, your trusted partner in residential surface protection film services across South Florida. Unleash the potential of your home as we redefine protection with a touch of elegance.

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Unrivaled Protection for Every Stone Surface

Welcome to Protex Home Solutions, where we redefine home protection with our advanced surface protection films. Our commitment is to provide unparalleled defense against daily wear and tear, ensuring your residential surfaces remain pristine for years to come.

Our films act as an invisible shield that safeguards against scratches, stains, and etching, offering peace of mind and long-lasting resilience for your kitchen (countertops, backsplash, glass tables, dining tabbles, wood antique tables, etc.) and bathroom (vanities, countertops, and even showers) surfaces. Enjoy the ease of maintenance as our films resist etching caused by acidic substances and create a barrier against common household stains. Our 10-year warranty underscores our dedication to quality, providing you with confidence in the durability of our surface protection films. Call today for details.

Making sure your surfaces remain pristine
Stain proof

Since nothing can touch the stone surface, nothing can stain it.

Etch proof

Protection Film creates a barrier against alkaline and acidic products that would damage unprotected marble.

Uv inhibitor

Protection Film incorporates a 99.9% UV Inhibitor to reduce yellowing and maintain clarity.

Heat resistant

Protection Film can take the heat and stay in the kitchen. It can withstand heat up to 400 degrees.

Easy to replace

Protection Film is a long term maintenance solution.

Invisible Armor, Visible Elegance

Discover the transformative power of Protex Home Solutions as we focus on enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your indoor and outdoor stone surfaces. Our surface protection films are engineered for crystal-clear transparency, allowing the natural beauty of your countertops and other surfaces to shine through.

Tailored to your unique specifications, our films are virtually invisible, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with your interior and exterior design. Experience the richness of textures and colors without compromising on protection. From kitchens to outdoor patios, our films provide a perfect balance of protection and aesthetics, preserving and enhancing the value of your home. We also give you an extensive choice of glossy and matte finishes for that added oomph. Call today!

The perfect balance of protection and beauty